CharityStars receives a $360k seed investment as winner of 360by360 Competition

By December 4, 2013 June 3rd, 2017 360by360

CharityStars, the online celebrity centered auction platform for charity fundraidsing, wins the 1st edition of 360by360 Competition and receives a $360k seed investment.

The company, founded by Francesco Nazari Fusetti who, after giving birth to the community “ScuolaZoo,” has started this new adventure that revolves around the non-profit organization, that adhere to the site and benefit from the offers made by users to grab the auctioned items offered by celebrities. The items range from a Christmas card signed by nationa popstars such as Vasco Rossi to shirts of famous football players such as Llorente, Mancini and Batistuta. You can also buy a bike tour with Vittorio Brumotti and one of the dresses worn by Lorella Cuccarini in “Grease.”


Francesco Nazari Fusetti and his team made up of Manuella Ravalli and  Domenico Gravagno, have pretty clear ideas “We need to have your feet in Italy and the head in the rest of the world, the money will be used for internationalization. There are other markets to conquer, and even if there are competitors, there is still enough room and value to exploit. The c-founders have already invested approximately €100k of their own money. “We replica handbags are just beginning, now we prepare for Christmas, and then there will still be much work to do.” Francesco says.  The business model is equally clear: Stars Charity holds 15% of the amount collected for each auction.

Here you can see the videos of the Final Event of 360by360 Competition and here the pictures.