In an unprecedented era of technology-driven change we see boundless opportunities for disruptive innovation. Our mission is to empower human ingenuity with the resources & support necessary to turn ambitious ideas into successful enterprises. With over 100 startups backed in two decades we continue to fine-tune the art of anticipating technology trends and the eye to spot talented entrepreneurs.




The road to success is never an easy one. Founders can count on our support not only in good times, but most importantly when things get tough. Investing is just the beginning; true value is in our pledge to throw the full weight of our knowledge, experience and network behind entrepreneurs on their perilous path to glory.


We believe in establishing healthy relationships with Founders based on ever reinforcing mutual trust. You can count on us to always speak the truth, to remain consistent even when inconvenient and to honour our word with utmost rigour.


You don’t get to new places by following established tracks. We look for the bold, the weird and the adventurous with an unconventional vision deemed by the mainstream as irrational and impossible. We have the foresight to anticipate trends and the courage to believe in the disruptive power of technology innovation.

360 Team supports the Epic foundation program

Our strategy

360 Capital is a pan-European technology Venture Capital fund. We back tech pioneers and innovators in their efforts to build outstanding companies, from inception to scaling, investing from 100 k€ to 10 M€ in early and growth stages (from seed to Series B). Our firm has over 20-years of track record supporting talented tech entrepreneurs in developing ambitious & disruptive companies in a variety of sectors across both Enterprise and Consumer markets. We mainly act as lead investors, drawing on our extensive experience and network to help founders fulfil their ambitions.

We are a diverse and experienced team of professionals located in Paris, London and Milan, with €300M of assets under management and an active portfolio of over 50 companies.

Our Investment Themes


Ground breaking tech from world class engineering talents

#AI #ML #Robotics



Cutting edge tools driving business performance and efficiencies

#B2B #SaaS #Enterprise


Disrupting massive consumer markets through digital tech

#B2C #DNVB #Marketplace