The online leading platform used by 5 millions of users in Italy, when getting ready to go shopping in their neighborhood.

DoveConviene features geolocalized weekly ads and catalogs in digital format of top retailers and brands in all shopping categories, from grocery and drugstores to discount, clothing, electronics, office supplies, sporting goods, hardware and home, displaying the latest and most relevant deals based on user location.

The services offered by DoveConviene can be accessed both online at as well as through the free app developed for major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Windows8, Amazon and BlackBerry.

Founded in 2010, DoveConviene has become an essential supplement to the distribution of printed ads for retailers, enabling them to reach 42% of consumers and effectively guide them to the nearest store location.

The platform is available also in other 4 countries: Spain, USA, Brasil and Mexico.