In the replica IWC watch on the knife to read the golden eagle carving art daring

By December 17, 2013 June 3rd, 2017 360by360

Golden carving, derived from the traditional sculpture, and sculpture, is derived from the beginning of the formation of human civilization. In ancient times, carving was recorded as a way to preserve the human wisdom and civilization at that time. In the Renaissance, sculpture became a unique form of art and flourished. In the palace of art, there has never been something like carving so three-dimensional, complete and full of layers, even if the painting by the perspective of the emergence of trying to three-dimensional and abstract.

With the carving of different categories, there have been many styles, hand-carved micro-carving is one of the most complex, and mechanical watches carving, it is precisely in large part, the use of replica watches hand-carved. Wei Diao and Jin Diao not strictly subordinate relationship, but two classification methods, the intersection of these two types of classification, is today we have to say the watch in the golden eagle process.

Golden Eagle in the use of watches and clocks is very rich, not only in the surface of the watch for engraving, you can also watch the movement to do carving. In most cases, we see the watch surface engraving, this sculpture also has some distinctions, such as the appearance of the clock directly in the parts (including dial) carving, but also the first carved in the metal plate, engraved after use Inlaid process will be embedded in the finished product into the watch.

For example, replica IWC watches Patek Philippe 175 anniversary launch of a new generation of “watch king” 5175, it is the shell lines by the Patek Philippe gold carving artisans hand-carved directly. In recent years, very lively zodiac watch, some of the gold sculpture works, is the first carving, and then inlaid to the dial. The two are not so good or bad, but in accordance with the design of different production, in order to achieve different artistic effects.

In today ‘s very rich clock and watch carving system, we often can see a lot of very interesting and profound vocabulary, such as shell carving, relief, carving, engraving carving, each unique charm, show the United States irreplaceable. But the difference is that, with the help of modern electronic equipment, carving a considerable part of the process can already be done by mechanical equipment, laser engraving is one of replica watches them, mainly for engraving figures and text and other marked information. The watch’s artistry, you still need to hand carved can only be reflected, which is the most important value of the art watch.