This year can not be ignored replica handbags are both stylish and elegant

By December 14, 2014 June 3rd, 2017 360by360

Loewe 2015 launch of several handbags are ingenuity of the choice of three-dimensional geometry and color weave elements, color and more diverse, suitable for spring and summer out, eye-catching hundred percent.

30-year-old British fashion designer Jonathan Anderson became the new design director Loewe, but also for the 168-year-old Spanish century-old veterans into the innovation and vitality. The first completely designed by his Puzzle handbag will be the traditional handbag deconstruction, create a three-dimensional geometric shape handbag, can be hand bag, can also shoulder or sideways back, both fashion and functionality, become 2015 New handbags can not be ignored.

Another Wedge handbags, but also by virtue of its unique triangle shape stand out, coupled with soft sheepskin and bow belt design, very attractive. The classic re-engraved Amazona 75 leather woven handbags is launched in this season, colorful bright, eye-catching hundred percent.

Eye-catching color Check the absolute eye-catching, with a black color-based clothes and pants is very good, can be a good highlight hand bag, of replica ysl handbags course, if you like the following several people do not like to blindly black, Of course, you can also add more colors to their dress, with clothes on the color pattern and handbag echoes, is also a good choice.

Lafayette every quarter will play point of the game. This is not, the most cool of the season to count on the sweater on the backpack – put on this thick knit sweater, you can immediately save money to buy bags, really kill two birds with one stone! We must remember that in the sweater bag installed Chanel replica handbags newspaper Oh, so we all know what brand you back it!

Logo handbag is Chanel’s classic style. This season, supermodel Xi Mengyao hand this bowl-shaped hand bag, and “Chanel restaurant” coincides with the theme. Retro color and beading, then let the square-handed bag exudes 70’s retro flavor.