Backing visionary founders since 1997

Our firm has been on the forefront of financing innovation for over 25 years.
Since our inception in the late 90’s we’ve consistently managed to anticipate technology trends and to spot talented entrepreneurs pursuing ambitiously disruptive goals. We were among the first to see the power of eCommerce and successfully rode the first wave of digital transition in the 2000’s investing in emerging B2C/B2B plays in a variety of sectors. With the steady growth of our firm and the maturing of the European Venture Capital ecosystem, we gradually transitioned our investment focus to more tech-heavy initiatives. Over the past 10 years, deep-tech and climate-tech have grown to become a substantial aspect of our investment activities.

We had the vision and courage to be European pioneers in backing startups in robotics, machine vision, neuromorphic sensing and space-tech. Anticipating the climate and sustainability challenge, we were among the first to launch a dedicated fund to support much needed technological innovations in areas such as energy storage and waste recycling. As we look towards the future, our commitment remains steadfast to investing in ground-breaking technologies that not only promise substantial market returns but also contribute to a sustainable and prosperous society.



We're backing initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and driving positive change.