esg & responsible

Investing for a sustainablE
future through

360 Commitments

As an early stage investor, we commit to deploy responsible investment strategies and to actively promote ESG in our investment activities and portfolio.

We believe technology will enable transition to a more sustainable future.

We integrate responsible investment across our strategies
We aim to continuously improve our commitments and processes to drive positive change
We commit a % of our carried interest to philanthropy

Engagement with Investors & Ecosystem

We engage in constant dialogue with investors to improve market practices
We share our achievements and progress transparently with our stakeholders

Founders: Stewardship & Dialogue

We engage with and work alongside portfolio companies to promote ESG
We actively seek business models driving positive change
We require a commitment to transparency and to an improvement roadmap


& partnerships

Signatory of:

United Nation Principles for Responsible Investment

Diversidays x Tech Your Place

France Invest & Sista Charter on Gender Diversity

Climate Act

Carbon footprint assessment with Aktio

Our founders are committed is driven by one objective: to induce a change in consumer habits in order to preserve the planet. This means drastically reducing waste, and in particular single-use plastic, their #1 wanted enemy.


In a single day, you will have literally mountains of waste in one facility coming through. Greyparrot's systems now track 32 billion waste objects per year, and the firm has built up a huge digital map of waste.


Making solar energy accessible to as many people as possible, having both an economic and ecological impact on consumers' lives: that's the ambition of the Beem Energy team.

Our esg policies &


Esg policy

Annual esg report

Sfdr: fund related disclosures

Loi energie climat article 29