enspired offers flexibility to expedite the shift towards energy transition, surpassing traditional approaches constrained by human limitations, and enhancing its trading strategies with cutting-edge AI technology. While many market participants have yet to unlock the full potential of their flexible assets in the intraday market, enspired handles all trading and optimization responsibilities for their clients, ensuring transparency regarding the value of their flexibility.

enspired stands out as a top-notch optimizer of battery storage and other flexible power assets, offering value-added use cases with minimal costs and rapid time-to-market implementation, all while effectively allowing CO2 emissions reduction through renewable energy prioritization. Their team consists of leading algorithmic traders, data scientists, and technology enthusiasts who firmly believe that the way power is traded will soon change drastically - considering that at enspired, there is no room for trading screens and traditional optimization.


Juergen Mayerhofer, Wolfgang Eichberger

Climate Tech


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