Investing in Beanstock — It’s only the bean-ginning

Beanstock, it’s only the bean-ginning.

Alex & Emma have bean leading this great project for only 2 years

You might have came across our PropTech mapping and see how bullish we are about this industry prime for disruption. Through our deep dive, we observed 5 subsegments in the PropTech landscape: Build, Invest, Live, Manage, Enable. And we’re deeply convinced that the big winners will be the ones able to capture and produce value across multiple of theses categories. Or if we dare say, we believe those who do so can rise as future unicorns — still quite few in the PropTech industry.

We believe Beanstock is that kind of animal.

Obviously far from a unicorn yet, but with all the intrinsic characteristics that set floor for rapid and value-creating growth. Beanstock is indeed uniquely positioned at the crossroad of Invest, Live, Manage and Enable, giving it the ability to lock customers in a wide market, while multiplying strong revenue streams.

📣 That’s why we’re thrilled to be announcing today that we’re leading Beanstock €12M Series A funding round with the participation of our friends at Axeleo, Entrée Capital, Proptech1 and FJ Labs, as well as amazing business angels (Casavo, Malt, Matera, …)

🏠 To bean or not to bean

In a nutshell, Beanstock is THE solution to enable B2C investors to efficiently and seamlessly invest in Buy-to-let residential Real Estate. Their vision? Turn Buy-to-let investment as easy as investing in public stocks.

And it doesn’t stop there. The solution is what you truly call an end-to-end by covering each of the steps:

1-Supply: Beanstock gets the exclusivity of vetted properties from real estate agencies with the promise at lightning speed

2-Property browsing: through the Beanstock marketplace, customers can simulate their investment capacities, browse corresponding properties and transparently evaluate the project (cost of the property, notary fees, beanstock commission, refurbishment costs, monthly cash flows, capital yield… you name it!)

3-Mortgage brokerage: Beanstock allows for an automated mortgage pre-approval and application, enabling a higher acceptance rate for the banks, hence allowing for a customized financing solution with greater loan to value than other existing solutions

4-Property buying: people are put in touch with the most fitted professional to support them in their decision making process.This marketplace personalized approach boosts conversion rates like crazy!

5-Refurbishment: now that you own, the place, time to refresh it… without lifting a finger nor picking up your phone: Beanstock interfaces the landlords with renovation contractors and handles everything!

6-Letting: again, when it comes to finding the tenant, Beanstock will screen and score the applications, handle the administrative hassle, the inventories and the overall property management

7-Property management: eventually, Beanstock will equip landlords with asset management tools and support

🌱 Why we believe this is the magic bean

“Do things that don’t scale”. Well, for once, we have to disagree with Paul Graham as we were truly impressed by how the team built an extremely well-oiled operational machine, thought from the get go to be hyper scalable and unleash growth potential. In just a couple of years, Beanstock definitely sowed the seeds for an upcoming hyper growth, while proving their ability to scale operations across multiple geographies while maintaining the same quality standards.

Besides, we’re deeply convinced that there is still so much untapped value Beanstock can rightly serve on the long run. What we see in Beanstock is the building of a stock of Buy-to-let adapted apartments that will eventually be re-sold and bought though the platform. It’s also the leveraging of data for its customers to support them in their mortgage, rent management, insurance, portfolio optimization and so on.

Beanstock is also the story of a stellar team who personally invested in BTL and had gotten so good at it that they started doing it at scale. And speaking about operations, there couldn’t be a better fit for the job than Alexandre and Emma, after spending a few years at Glovo, opening the French market and expanding the international footprint of what eventually became a unicorn. And at Beanstock, what they have achieved so far people-wise is outstanding as they managed to gather top-talents amazingly aligned on the dream-big mindset.

To conclude this post, we must give a shoutout to our friends at Axeleo reinvesting, and Entrée Capital, Proptech1, FJ Lab as well as renowned founders joining the table. We’re convinced we‘ve gathered around the table the fittest lineup to support Beanstock for their upcoming journey.

If you look at the equation: huge market size + untapped consumer value + top founders with outstanding experience, we don’t have a crystal ball but — allow us a final Jack and the Beanstalk reference — we sure are excited to see how high this bean can grow !

💡 The next day, when Jack woke up in the morning and looked out of the window, he saw that a huge beanstalk had grown from his magic beans! He climbed up the beanstalk and reached a kingdom in the sky.

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